During the years between the First and Second World Wars, there was a huge amount of construction work taking place around Uxbridge.

As roads became more important for the delivery of goods and services, much of the local infrastructure needed rebuilding to enable it to cope with ever larger trucks and the increased volume of traffic.

This week’s Back in Time photo dates back to 1929 and shows engineers working on the reconstruction of the Dolphin Bridge over the Grand Union Canal at the point where St John’s Road crossed the waterway.

The strengthening and widening of the bridge proved particularly helpful to the Bell Punch Ticket Works that occupied the area right opposite the bridge where the A4007 road ran.

This photograph – and dozens of others like it – have been restored to pristine condition by the Trinity Mirror archive team based in Watford, using old-fashioned glass plate negatives that were taken by Gazette photographers down through the years.

Our Back in Time selection this week includes pictures of Vine Street and Windsor Street in Uxbridge, the Brookfield Hotel, Bonsey’s Yard, Stockley Park, Randall’s second-hand store in Windsor Street and another shot of the print room at King and Hutchings, one of the previous companies that published the Gazette.


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