A former borough reader is hoping to contact childhood friends after an attic search uncovered two old team photographs.

Brian Temple, who lived in Willow Grove, Ruislip, was tidying his loft when he came across a dusty box containing two photographs taken when he was a teenager.

The pictures, of the Ruislip Youth Club Football Team from 1947-48, and the Ruislip Youth Club Netball A Team from 1948-49, brought back floods of memories and spurred Mr Temple to contact the Gazette to help him trace the members.

Mr Temple, 71, whose home was in Willow Grove until 1963, and who now lives in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, said: “Those were wonderful old days and I’m interested to find out if anyone is still around.

“I was surprised to find the photographs because I’d completely forgotten about them. I’m hoping that quite a few of the people are still living in the area and will want to get in touch.”

Members of the youth club, in their mid to late teens, used to meet about three times a week at Ruislip Manor Secondary Modern School, in Eastcote Road,  Ruislip, which is now Bishop Ramsey School.

It was a popular club with over 100 members, who enjoyed meeting friends, playing sport and games, including table tennis, and learning dance steps, like the foxtrot and waltz.

Mr Temple said he remembered vividly the dance evenings, which were held twice a year, and had an amazing 16-piece band playing the music.

The youth club also ran a boys’ cricket team and a girls’ rounders team during the summer, which played friendly games against other clubs in the area.

The boys in the football team are Eric Bowman, Bernie Bowers, Trevor Tull, Mike Woodstock, Tony Offered and Gordon Quinn. Mr Quinn played professional football in the 1950s with Queens Park Rangers, when they were in the Football League’s second division. The coach was Mr Richards, who had run the team since 1945.

In the front row are Daniel Bell, Norman Armstrong, Roy Poulter, Mr Temple and Vic West.

Mr Temple said: “I can remember the names of the football team as clear today as I could then, but the girls’ netball team is a little more difficult. And of course their surnames are their maiden names.”

The girls he recognises are Pam Westray in the back row at the far right side, and in the front row from left to right are Jean Long and Jean Hannam.

* If anyone recognises themselves or knows someone in either of the photographs contact the Gazette on 01895 451026, or Mr Temple on 01494 674752.