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CCTV appeal after man attacked while waiting for train

British Transport Police need your help to find the man they believe has information regarding the attack

Firefighters' birthday surprise for 103-year-old

103-year-old Diana Gould was surprised to see firefighters visit her for her birthday
103-year-old Diana Gould has survived both world wars, keeping fit playing badminton well into her 80s

'Deceitful' thief who targeted elderly residents jailed

34-year-old Paul Thomas targeted elderly homeowners, asking for money
Paul Thomas knocked on doors in Harrow and Pinner, making up a sob story so that homeowners felt sorry for him and lent him money

Extreme BMX champions wow audiences

The BMX champions showed off their extreme skills to Harrow audiences
World champions Ben Savage and Matti Hemmings performed hour-long demonstrations of their BMX skills

See overweight dad's shocking weight transformation

Keith Cousins, before and after his healthy lifestyle change
Keith Cousins went from overweight father to qualified personal trainer in just nine months

Harrow in Pictures

Middlesbrough star still remembers his west London roots

Wembley-bound Adomah started his football on the fields of Chiswick and Harrow

Harrow Borough boss eyes summer signings

But just a few, warns Baker, who wants to keep the faith with his squad

Late winner takes both managers by surprise in cup final

Harrow and Hanwell both preparing for extra-time when Charles-Smith struck

Wimbledon 2015: All you need to know about the tournament

One of Britain's biggest sporting events is just around the corner - but will Murray claim the win on home soil again?

Oscar-winning film director's birthplace discovered in Chiswick

Famous film director Frank Lloyd has been included in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - and he's a west Londoner!

Unsigned Friday: Introducing... Metasic

Unsigned Friday: Bringing you the best of London's unsigned artists every Friday
New Brent Mayor for 2015/2016 Lesley Jones
Photo by Gerard Farrell/DZ Pictures

New Mayor elected for Brent

Councillor Lesley Jones previously served as Deputy Mayor and was once a schoolteacher in Nigeria

Library shake-up after Harrow Council reorganisation

Hatch End Library, inside Harrow Arts Centre in Hatch End, may be closed alongside three other branches by Labour
New library to be built in Harrow town centre are four of the borough's other libraries close

NHS bosses grilled on future of NHS in west London

'The Shaping a Healthier Future programme is now getting the independent scrutiny it needs'

Fancy giving Futsal a try?

It's the football variation which is driving the Brazilians nuts

Lowlands hotshot Mitchell Jones blows away competition

Teenager takes men’s singles title at Wembley & Harrow Closed Championships

Hayes brace helps St Joseph's U17s beat leaders Town

Youth football round-up also featuring Harrow St Mary's


Harrow is the largest district in northwest London. It has a large town centre boasting two shopping centres and shops throughout Station Road and College Road. It is home to a University of Westminster campus and is widely known for Harrow School, and Harrow County School.

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